The Benefits of In-Home Care

The Benefits of In-Home Care featured image euro american connections and homecare Inhomecare

By 2030, 1 in every 5 Americans will be reaching the age of 65 or older, and the average life expectancy has passed 80 years for women and 75 years for men. That said, a majority number of aging Americans would rather stay in their own homes than to move in with a relative or live in a senior living community. This trend of seniors wanting to age in their own homes has created a demand for home healthcare workers. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the projected growth of jobs in healthcare settings through 2026 is at 18%.

As older people choose to stay in their own homes to be independent, many families hire caregivers in CT to ensure that their elder loved one gets to maintain their daily routine with assistance in areas where they need support.

Home care assistance in CT includes professional support services that can allow people to live independently and safely in their homes. There are two types of home care services: hourly care, which is where caregivers visit seniors for a couple of hours per week, and live-in home care, where caregivers provide around the clock care to seniors.

A lot of families see the benefits of home care, particularly during this pandemic. It limits seniors’ contact with outside people, protecting them from being exposed to the virus. Consequently, having a senior loved one live in their own homes can mean that family members can visit them at any time, in comparison with seniors living in nursing home facilities. It comes as senior facilities have been hit hard by the spread of the disease, causing visiting hours to be limited or shut down.

Moreover, Live-In Caregivers Southbury CT can also ensure that seniors have physical, mental, and emotional assistance. Hence, caregivers can assist seniors with their personal care, daily living activities, and mobility. They can also perform light housekeeping and laundry, and run errands such as grocery shopping.

Availing home care services can ensure focused, personalized care for seniors. Families have the assurance that their elder loved one, who wants to live independently, is eating adequate, nutritious meals, getting the proper attention and care they need, and attending physician appointments. This infographic of Euro-American Connections & Homecare lists the benefits of in-home care.

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