The Best Orange County Driving School

1352200015633City Freeway is hands down one of the best escuelas de manejo en Orange County. The instructors here are highly are fully qualified and are experience teacher when it comes to providing tutelage on the rules and regulations of the road. In this driving school, you’ll not only learn how to drive, but you’ll also be taught the proper ways to handle and react to the most likely driving scenarios; and in a matter of time, you’ll be conversant with the laws and etiquettes if driving on the highway, residential areas, and city streets.

Being one of the best schools that offer driving lessons in Tustin, our training vehicles usually come fully equipped with up-to-date safety features because taking preventive measure while driving is important to us and we also want you to rest assured that you are safe while your instructor will be able to control some of the important auto functions such as applying the brake.

As we are well aware of the diversity in our area, we have grown to become professionals at providing drivers training in Irvine (as well as Santa Ana, Tustin and other areas of Southern California) to people who have emigrated from different countries all over the world from Philippines, Vietnam, China, Japan, Thailand, Kenya, Sweden, Mexico, Ethiopia, Argentina, Germany, Iran etc. We have trained so many drivers to help them get their California driver’s license, and we can do the same for you to once you call on us.

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