The Clairs – here is the sixth senses most commonly found among some of the best psychics

Some of the best psychics have some incredible skills that often count as a sixth sense. Many of them are common among Macomb psychics as well. These special skills possessed by the best psychics are often referred to as Clairs. Here are some of them.

  1. According to the Llewellyn Encyclopedia, the psychic ability clairaudience is also a supranormal talent. which means a person is able to hear beyond what is the normal hearing perception. Sometimes these are the voices of spirits and they caneven besounds of “inanimate objects such as crystals, minerals, artifacts, etc.” In addition, all types of sounds can be heard from the spirit world including music.
  2. Empathetic Perspectives explains claircognizance is also known as clear knowing or clear recognition and psychics with this ability can know things without having any previous knowledge about the topic. This knowledge is cannot be explained just that the psychic knows it to be true. It’s believed that this knowledge is bestowed by their higher self or spirit guides and is simply downloaded into their minds.
  3. The Llewellyn Encyclopedia defines clairvoyance as being one of several psychic abilities known as “supranormal visual talents.” And the ability refers to seeing visions of events, people, and places beyond physical eyesight. This includes seeing past, present, and future events as well as “non-physical things like spirits.” ESP and clairvoyance are often described the same since both are an ability to see and understand things which aren’t detected by the average person.
  4. According to Psychic Elements, another supranormal psychic ability is clairsentience which isn’t a physical ability to feel, such as touching an object. It’s the ability to feel or sense something beyond the physical realm. A person with clairsentience is able to sense the presence of a spirit or other energy presences, an ability which has also been described as a knowing. For example, a psychic with this ability can meet someone for the first time and know their name, or their birthday, this would be a case of clairsentience. The Psychic Library states that those with this ability are able to “feel the present, past or future physical and emotional states of people.” And the ability works in unison with psychometry and aura sensing to allow the psychic to pick up information from buildings, geographical locations, and objects.
  5. Clairgustance and Clairolfaction. These are psychic senses of taste and smell. People with these psychic gifts receive psychic information through the sense of taste or smell. For example, they may smell roses to indicate love or taste blood to indicate violent death.

Those are the Clair abilities possessed by several Macomb psychics. However, not all psychics have all these abilities, so it is important to check beforehand.

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