The Correct way to Display 100-200’ Flagpoles

National Flag is the pride of the nation. So, it should be displayed with utmost care following all the protocols. Do you know the general rules of displaying 100-200’ Flagpoles in the US? Here is relevant information regarding same.

Protocols of Displaying the Flag

There are protocols for displaying of displaying the American flag in commercial property.

  1. Just buying a big flag is not the work done. You ought to know that flags are displayed in a particular manner.
  2. You ought to take good care of flag and flagpole so that it will remain in ideal condition.
  3. The universal custom to display the flag of the nation is from sunrise to sunset. You must display your national flag on a flagpole.
  4. If you want to display it for a longer time, you should illuminate the flag area using proper accessories.

Manners of Hoisting

The flag is hoisted with proper manner and lowered with proper ceremony. While displaying the flag, know that the union should be present at uppermost to the flag’s right, which is, to the left side of the observer.  You should follow the right etiquette of hoisting the flag.

Donts while Displaying the flag

You need to follow the same protocol of displaying the union or blue, to the left side of the observer, in case you want to display the flag in the window.

  1. Do not use one flagpole for displaying more than one flags.
  2. Although you are buyingthese flagpoles for displaying according to your choice, use it for different flags.
  3. Another important custom of displaying American flag is no other flag should be displayed to the right side of the national flag.
  4. When you want to display other flags of state, the city of societies along with the national flag, keep the national flag at the peak halyard.
  5. Also, the US flag should always be hoisted first and lowered last during the event.

Rules for Displaying Flags of Two Nations Together

Using monster flagpole is an idea if you want to display flags of two nations. You should always use two different flagpoles for each flag. The level of flags should be the same. Also, flags should be of the same size and shape. There is no international protocol that says to display the flag of one nation below the level of another national flag. It should be display horizontal above or below the speaker platform, in case, you are using the flag on the speaker platform. If you’ll buy the flags online, you’ll find all the relevant specifications of the flag at one place. So, choose wisely and let the glory hoist in the air with your flag. Maintain your flag at the highest level and repair it regularly.

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