The Dazzling Complexity of Jose & Maria Barrera Jewelry

The origin story, or rather the story of the rise to fame of Jose & Maria Barerra, is an inspiring one. It began almost 50 years ago when by chance the Editorial Director of Vogue Magazine witnessed one of their necklaces at a party in New York City. His intrigue regarding one of their necklaces led it to be included in an iconic photograph featured in the magazine and propelled the Barreras to move to New York, where they have been building their empire ever since.

Today, Joe & Maria Barerra jewelry is still carefully designed and then assembled by hand pursuant to the vision and standards of their family-run company. Today, however, it isn’t only the elites who have had their fancy captivated by the allure of Barrera designs. In the present day the entire world is held in thrall by the fancy and beauty of their jewelry, and year after year their creations light a new flame of interest under the collective audience of the world.

It should come as no surprise to anyone who has ever had the pleasure to stand in the presence of true Jose & Maria Barrera designs. Even to see a picture of one is to ignite a flame of interest of which you might otherwise have remained unaware. Their designs in jewelry are uniquely, unquestionably inspired, each of them one of a kind and all of them dazzlingly complex. Some designers make their mark by designing pieces that make the most of minimalism, the Barreras make their mark by being eccentric.

Consider some examples of their jewelry designs as a testament to the type of style they breathe into their creations. Take a look at their Black Jet Lace Scroll Earrings as an example of the intricacy of some of their designs.

These earrings, on the one front, offer all of the intrigue a viewer could desire from their silhouette alone, and truly the entire set of earrings is not much more than a silhouette, interestingly. They do not need jewels or glittering precious metals in order to make their effect or to make their presence felt. They do this solely through the intricacy of their design. They stimulate the senses at the same time as well, because it can be difficult to ascertain whether the eye beholds an image inspired by the natural splendor of foliage or efflorescence, or of some artificial geometric design. If you like these, you can find a similar effect in their Gold with Jewel Tone Earrings. In fact, the effect here is even more pronounced due to the addition of gold and stones that add levels to the complexity of the design of these earrings.

This is only one representation of the manner of charm that comes along with a design by Jose & Maria Barrera. The variety in their dazzling complexity is as impressive as the complexity of any given piece itself. All you have to do to understand this is to take a closer look at some of the other items in their catalog. Items like White Crystal Drop Earrings, Black Diamond Chandelier Earrings, Dragon Spring Hinge Bracelet with Onyx, or even their Five Charm Necklace adhere to the same standards of intricacy as you might expect. They are only a few of the wonders that can be uncovered in a catalog of Jose & Maria Barrera Jewelry.

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