The Evolution of the Australian Fashion Industry Over the Decades

Allison Lyons is a guest writer whose hobbies include writing about arts, culture, fashion and outerwear trends including the popular Brown Leather Jacket Outfit.

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One of the biggest British settlements in the world, Australia was home to the convicts and lawless humans until a couple of centuries ago but soon became one of the most effective representative nations of the European culture due to its extremely diverse population which migrated to the vast land from the west and eastern European countries. 

Before you start analyzing the Australian fashion industry, keep in mind, it is absolutely no different than the fashion industries of various west European countries. In fact, Aussies and west European fashion followers have a lot of things in common which ranges from the street style to the cowboy style outfits which have just made a comeback to the global mainstream fashion after probably a couple of decades. 

Australian designers, in particular, have always kept an eye at the developments in the global apparel industry allowing them to dictate the new trends in their part of the world. In other words, what these Australian brands offer today are nothing but a direct influence of the changes in the American and West European fashion industries. 

Home to the small fashion companies, the Australian apparel industry has experienced a big blow ever since the international brands, including the fashion giants, have stepped into the local market in a bid to reach a wider range of consumers and target more regions. 

From the journey which started with long socks and safari suit a couple of centuries ago to the modern trends dominating the clothing style of Aussies, the Australian apparel industry has been through an unimaginable transformation throughout history. 

One of the considerable fashion innovations, safari suit and long socks used to be the only thing considered as fancy among the Aussies decades ago. However, soon the invasion of international fashion trends changed the scenario in favor of the evolution of the local fashion industry which heavily relied on the limited accessories available. 

With no almost no big fashion brand until a few decades ago to a massive increase in the number of small and medium-sized apparel companies scattered throughout the state by the start of third Millenium signals the beginning of the dominance of the Australian apparel industry which remained dependent upon the western European trends for its survival. 

In the last couple of decades, Australia has given birth to thousands of fashion designers and creative artists who are striving hard to put Australia up in the list of fashion-influenced nations. 

In short, from a non-identical industry with no particular shape until two decades ago to one of the emerging industries attracting the global consumers from all over the world, finally, Australians have managed to turn the circumstances into their favor after getting rid of the dominance of the western European trends and innovation fashion accessories unlike ever before in the history.

Author Bio: Allison Lyons is a guest writer whose hobbies include writing about arts, culture, fashion and outerwear trends including the popular Brown Leather Jacket Outfit.

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