The Maharaja Train – Add Unprecedented Luxury To Your Trip

Are you interested in covering the most famous tourist destinations in India in style? While a train journey would most definitely mean a longer trip, it is a beautiful change from rushing through crowded airports. Its restful pace and plethora of comforts set it aside from all those packed tours that seem never to give you a chance to relax – you just seem to be rushing from one place to another, never really getting a chance to really savour the real beauty.


Train with a difference

Mind you, not any train journey will allow you to do that. For the truly discerning, there are trains that speak luxury from the word go. There has been a surge in the number of tourists that want to take it easy and take train trips that include sightseeing and accommodation along with other conveniences. While there are several concerns that offer luxury trains and associated trips abroad, IRCTC leads the pack in India and offers luxe train trips that have put India on the map of luxury tourism. The latest offering is the Maharajas Express, a super stately train that has been awarded the title of “World’s Leading Luxury Train” for several years in a row now.

The train is gorgeously designed, in a manner that’s reminiscent of the bygone era and its splendour has to be seen to believe. Every single cabin of the train is fit for royalty and is equipped with all modern amenities that ensure that the guest does not feel estranged from the current world while happily ensconced in the furnishings and ambience of the royal past.

Comforts Unlimited

Several circuits are offered to the guest, such as Treasures of India, Gems of India, The Southern Sojourn, The Southern Jewels, and others.

Every single aspect of the on-board comforts and off-board excursions are planned in meticulous detail to let the guest enjoy their trip to the very best. While the travel is so amazing, can the food be left behind?

This stately train has two restaurants – Rang Mahal and Mayur Mahal. Both of these have been designed gorgeously to provide an aesthetically appealing and visually stimulating experience to the diners. Food is made by superbly trained chefs who present each dish as if it were a piece of art. The wishes of the guests are kept in mind and they are served cuisines from all over India as well as abroad. All three meals of the day are included in the maharaja express fare.

To bring home the point of exquisite luxury, each meal is served on Limoges crockery and Swaroski glassware is used to add even more glamour to the meal. A single meal is enough to satiate the senses, so one can just imagine just how astounding an entire trip aboard this five star hotel on wheels would be for the traveler. One can easily say the guest would be spoiled for life when it comes to traveling in style!

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