The Services HWA International Incorporation Offer

Author’s Bio: HWA International Inc. is a company that is into the production of software systems that make the process of trust accounting easier.

Summary: While there are many trust accounting software creators, only a number of them affords users various options. HWA International Inc. is one such company that offers users a choice to pick from multiple software programs which meet different needs.

HWA International Inc. is behind the creation of different trust accounting software programs like the foundation software. These software programs are:

  1. TNET software

A transaction-based trust accounting software, this software is suitable for use by banks, family offices, private fiduciary, law offices, special needs trust offices that make use of special needs trust software and IRA companies that need to use self-directed IRA trust software, along with some other office types.

  1. TRUSTprocessor software

A software that can handle all basic trust and fund accounting functionality needs. These are suitable for use by family offices and foundations/not-for-profit organizations that need foundation trust accounting software.

  1. TAMS: Trust Accounting Mini System

This is a slimmer version of the TNET software and is suitable for use by small businesses, start-ups and/or new ventures.

Asides from the creation of these software systems, HWA International Inc. also:

  1. Has available different add-on modules that can perform tasks like asset allocation, beneficiary checks, cash sweep and market value calculator among others.
  2. Has age advantage as it has been in existence for over 40 years.
  3. Delivers a personal and effective approach to clients. One could even ask for a personalized demonstration.
  4. Develops a personal relationship with clients.
  5. Organizes different trainings to educate clients’ members of staff on the software features. At these trainings, they can also provide assistance on current products.
  6. Shows that clients have a say in development and planning as they listen to customer’s needs, complaints and/or feedbacks and act on these.
  7. Develop update with enhancements made from clients’ suggestions and regularly update clients’ about the existence of these updates.
  8. Delivers exceptional customer service and support.
  9. Continuously looks for solutions that will work best for and be in the best interest of their clients.
  10. Ensures that their comprehensive, innovative and versatile trust accounting systems help clients manage costs yet increase their operational efficiency.


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