The significant information to know about flagpoles

Since you have planned to buy flagpoles, there are many questions which are revolving in your mind. All those questions have sorted out in the below article:

There are generally seven attributes that distinguish any given flagpole. These are as follows:

  • Material such as aluminum, steel, wood or fiberglass
  • Height
  • Finish such as brushed aluminum, anodized, powder painted
  • Halyard system such as internal or external
  • Butt diameter
  • Wall thickness
  • Installation types such as ground set, shoe base, top of the building, or wall mount
  • How much of commercial or residential flagpole is underground?

Again, it is very important to know the answer to the above question. The rule of thumb is that 10% of the above ground height of a flagpole are underground. For instance: a 20′ pole is basically 22′ long as 2′ (10%) is underground. Thus, you should decide as per the size of a pole you are going to install.

  • Is all flagpole hardware, comprised of a flagpole to complete an installation?

All flagpole hardware is comprised, as well as a ground sleeve, in the flagpole package. However, there are installation materials such as wood wedges, concrete, and sand that are not included. Moreover, flagpole hardware can be ordered anytime, if you need any more.

  • How many sections are in each flagpole?

Basically, 15′, 20′, and 25′ poles are available in one section while 30′ and 35′ poles are available either in one or two sections. In addition to these, 40′ and 45′ poles have two sections while 50′ and higher are three to five sections.

  • Is a flash collar needed for a flagpole installation?

Flash collars are required when there will be a concrete pad around the base of a pole. The need to use the flash collar is to hide the top of the ground sleeve. Even, sometimes, it is used to anchor bolts and nuts to give a captivated look to the installation. Moreover, while installing flagpoles in flowerbeds or in lawn areas, then there is no need to use the collar.

  • How close should a flagpole be installed to other flagpoles?

The fact is the size of a flag that will be flown to analyze the distance. Make sure to endow at least one foot more than the length of the flag. In a case of a larger flag, then make sure to endow an extra distance. A distance of one and a half times the flag’s length will endow one size larger flag to be flown.

  • What are some recommendations to make putting the flagpole sections together seamlessly?

For this, coat both joint surfaces with liquid soap. You should use water to dilute the soap. This helps easy cleaning. Make sure not using any kind of oil.

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