The Top 6 Vegetarian Restaurants in Guilin

3If you are finding the best Vegetarian Restaurant in Yangshuo Guilin, then you have to choose from at least 6. Although there are a number of restaurants in Guilin, you should experience the best one every time. Today, this article will give you the names of the best 6 restaurants in Guilin.

1.The Zen Garden Resort

Chinese name: 阳朔竹窗溪语禅艺乡宿
Address: Jiwodu Village No.122, Yangshuo County, Guilin City, Guangxi Province, postal code-541900, China.
Tel: +86 773 8812266

2.Tea and Vegetarian Together’ Restaurant

Chinese name: 茶素集 Chasuji /chaa soo jee/
Address: 22 East Chuanshan Road, Qixing District(七星区穿山东路22号)
Tel: 0773-8889857

3.Kind Vegetarian Restaurant’

Chinese name: 慈素坊 Cisufang /tsrr soo fung/
Address: 12 East Chuanshan Road, Qixing District (七星区穿山东路12号)
Tel: 0773-3858383

4.Ronghu Lake Hotel ‘Vegetarian Art Pavilion’ Restaurant

Chinese name: 素艺阁 Chasuji /soo ee ger/
Address: 16 North Ronghu Road, Xiufeng District (秀峰区榕湖北路16号)
Tel: 0773-2895958

5. Yueya Lou

Chinese name: 月牙楼 Yueya Lou /ywhere-yaa loh/
Average price per person: 9 yuan
Address: under Yueya Mountain, Seven Star Park, Guilin (桂林市七星公园内月牙山下)

These are the best 6 China Vegetarian resorts in yangshuo that would offer you a lot of facilities. You may take one if you are planning for your honeymoon. These would offer travel enriching experiences and special retreats & activities like organized culture tours & sightseeing, Zen Tea ceremonies and tea-plantation tours, meditation, yoga, and in-room massages to relax after a prolonged traveling trip.

If you are still finding the best one where you will get offered all the features like Li-River Rafting & Kayaking, Secret Buddha Tour, China cycling and walking, and studio for relaxing holiday, then you should pick up The Zen Garden Resort as it will offer you all the features that should be in your resort.

Moreover, you can book your appointment for the Zen Garden Resort in advance as there are a lot of people who prefer to visit and live at this place while having a tour in China. To book your appointment in advance, you can take the help of its official web portal, i.e.

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