Things to know about Monster Flagpoles

In World, every country makes use of the flagpoles to raise their national flag. In the past decades, flagpoles are mainly used for representing a country’s flag or an association. But in these days, flagpoles are used for both residential and commercial purposes.  Monster flagpole are one among the various types of flagpoles that are available in the market.

What are Monster flagpoles?

Flagpoles are the traditional method of announcing the existence and to create a statement. Installing flagpoles are most common in the United States. Numbers of flagpole service providing companies have emerged in these days as the flagpole user rate is increasing in high level.

As there are different kinds of flagpoles you can choose the one that suits for your need. But you have to consider the main factors while looking for flagpoles.

The flagpoles that come in the height above 100’ are referred to as the monster flagpoles. These flagpoles are also known as steel flagpole and they are manufactured in such a way to tolerate the environmental factors.

Flagpole construction

The monster flagpoles are made of steel material and each section is joined with the help of seamless steel reducer.

This provides you the uniform appearance and best finishing for the pole. The poles are built with a steel-based plate and lightning arrestor to avoid any damages.

The other materials of the poles are purchased from the quality manufactures and they are used in the pole in an effective manner. Some of the basic things used in steel flagpoles are aircraft cable, steel spindle, removable handle, steel snap hooks, etc.

After completing the construction of flagpoles the painting process is done. At first, the pole is sand-blasted to make the surface smoother. Then the pole is prepared to paint with high-quality chemicals as well as a primer.

Benefits of Steel flagpoles

  • Monster flagpoles are perfect for commercial purposes because of its height and steel material.
  • Because of its height over 100 feet, this flagpole is more visible to longer distance.
  • Steel or monster flagpoles have high durability, resistant to corrosion and can withstand all type of weather conditions.
  • Flagpoles have the best structure and act as budgetary poles.
  • Depending on the manufacturing company you can get the warranty, installation and maintenance service for the flagpoles.

Thus, these are things you need to know about Steel flagpole. Buy a Steel Flagpole and Save Your Money!

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