Things to know before you visit Bermuda

Many people around the clock plan to visit a different part of this beautiful world. And among different glittering cities of this astonishing world, travellers never miss a chance to visit Bermuda too. Bermuda is a mesmerizing island which has so much to offer to the travellers. There are so many hidden surprises to uncover, and if you are planning to visit Bermuda, then this article is just for you. Although there are many misconceptions about this peaceful island, to tell you the truth, this island is listed as the best travel spot to visit. From different sports bar to movie theatres, Bermuda has a lot to offer.

So, here goes the list of things that you must be aware of before visiting Bermuda.

  1. No, it’s not in the Caribbean

As mentioned above, people often think or rather have a perception that Bermuda is in the Caribbean mainly because it resembles the Caribbean island in so many ways. But it is in the North Atlantic. Nonetheless, that’s doesn’t make a lot of difference. This is a beautiful island, and it stores a lot of surprises for the travellers.

  1. It is pretty close to the East Coast of the USA

If you want to fly to Bermuda, then you have to fly from the East Coast of the US. It will hardly take an hour to reach here from the US. Also, if you don’t want to fly, then take a cruise and combine New England and Bermuda. You will not regret it.

  1. The beautiful beaches

Now, who doesn’t like to go to a beach on a warm sunny day, right? Well, that’s what you get here. The crystal-clear water, the abundance of sunbathers, beautiful island, and more, everything makes this part of the world a must visit. Some of the most popular beaches that you can go to in Bermuda are West Whale Beach, Tobacco Bay beaches, Jobson’s Cove, and not to forget the pink watches.

  1. No renting a car on the island

This is probably the essential thing to note about Bermuda. Renting a car is not authorized by the Bermudan Government. This island has around 60,000 population and is pretty small and hence renting is not permissible. Nevertheless, this doesn’t stop travellers from coming here in huge numbers. Bermuda attracts 600,000 tourists a year. Since you can’t rent a car, what are the other options to try? You can rent a moped or a scooter. It’s fun to ride a scooter here in Bermuda.

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