Tips to Choose Enterprise Cloud Storage Services

Although a lot of enterprise data continues to be stored on-site, businesses are now opening up to the idea of storing their critical data in the cloud. Almost 87% of businesses which had been surveyed for a report revealed that there were using some form of cloud storage. However, with cloud storage growing more and more popular, the new problem which businesses are facing is which enterprise cloud storage service to trust.


  • It is very important to be able to find a partner that you can rely on and trust. While a large number of IT professionals so keep their sensitive data in a cloud, a very high percentage of these professionals feel that such data can be easily corrupted or misplaced. But this view must change. So, it is important to look for a provider which can offer you robust security measures. The enterprise cloud storage services you choose must have ample expertise to keep data secure. It should have a long-term vision, a clear roadmap to achieve the vision and a release plan to mitigate security risks.
  • Your enterprise cloud storage provider should also have an excellent track record. You will want your provider to be able to offer you the latest releases without causing any disruption to your business. When there is global coverage, it is possible to computer loads near to where your end users are actually based.
  • You should consider location of the provider’s data centers. There are some nations which have laws that demand that data be stored in that country where the client stays. So, when you are carrying out your business in such a country, you must make sure that your provider has data centers there. The farther a data center is from the main business site, the greater the latency you can expect. At the same time, you should not wish for a data center to be too close to your facility as natural calamities like floods and hurricanes can damage these too in the process.
  • One of the biggest concerns which clients are likely to have when looking for enterprise cloud storage services is security. So, you must find out the security measures adopted by the vendor. You should also ensure that they can accommodate additional security solutions if needed.
  • Another important factor to consider in choosing enterprise cloud storage is the costs. Businesses may move to the cloud in an attempt to cut down on costs but such anticipated savings may or may not happen. In many cases, cloud storage does not lessen your expenses as expected. Cloud pricing models are quite complicated and businesses usually struggle to get the best value.
  • Cloud storage will be affected by many factors like the quality of hardware used, distance between cloud data centers and end-users and network speed. As a customer, you must find out the level of performance you are expecting to get and whether the vendor can offer this.
  • When choosing enterprise cloud storage services, you must also look into availability and redundancy. Businesses which need mission critical data cannot deal with too many downtimes. They will lose a lot of money if there are frequent downtimes.
  • When you use cloud migration services to shift data to the cloud, it must be integrated with a number of tools and applications there. So, before you migrate the data you must make sure the services will back your existing IT tools; else you need to get new tools. You must also test cloud storage to be sure it does not disrupt any application. You have to verify management capabilities of the vendor as you cannot directly manage the hardware.
  • While cloud services are always scalable, you have to ensure that you understand how the services you have chosen can be scaled up. Finally, you must make sure that there is vendor lock-in clause which will stop you from switching vendors in case their services are not up to the mark.

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