Tips to repair water damaged phone

Dropping your phone in water can be panicking and for some users, the most dangerous experience of their life. One can actually safe his phone even if it falls in water.

Here are a few Do’s and Don’ts suggested by cell phone repair Indiana when your phone falls in water:

  1. If it has switched off, don’t turn it on.
  2. Done press any keypad keys or buttons.
  3. Do not in any case shake your phone to bring out the water that might have entered the phone.
  4. Do not blow air on the phone. Blowing air over the wet phone can actually send some water into the phone.
  5. Do not charge your phone instantly after removing it from water.
  6. Avoid heating up your phone, which includes blow-drying it.

According to cell phone water damage Fort Wayne, here are few tips if you are caught in a situation where your cell phone is damaged by water:

  1. Turn off the phone and hold it upright.
  2. Remove sim and micro SD cards from the slots as fast as you can to prevent water entering the slots and damaging the data chips.
  3. Remove the battery of the phone as soon as possible if possible.
  4. Use only paper towel or a smooth cloth to remove water from your phone and dry it. Spreading the liquid should be avoided to the maximum extent. Soaking of water should be done.
  5. If the water has already entered deep inside your phone, try taking out the water using vacuum at a low blow level. Before using vacuum, ensure that you have removed micro SD card and sim from their respective slots.
  6. Since rice is very good water absorbent, try putting your phone in a airtight bag filled with rice. Various water absorbent phone covers are also available in the market which makes it easier to wipe out the water from a water damages phone.
  7. Don’t turn on your phone for a day or two.

An important measure according to cell phone city repair Fort Wayne which every buyer could take before purchasing any phone in future to prevent water damage to their phone is by purchasing only water resistant phones. Buying water resistant phones prevents your phone from water damages whenever if falls in water.

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