The Federal Trade Commission is always reminding consumers to always be aware of when engaging in every negotiation – whether it is a purchase or a promotion. Always remember that once the proposal has a too-good-to-be-true offer an individual should be careful in providing their personal information: Such as credit card or debit card number, mobile phones, address, and any data they have.

The statistics showed on ScamWatch: There are at least $142,895,772 reported losses in 2019. This occurrence was caused by the 167,795 number of scammed testimonies – which is already an overall of 11.8%. This year 2020, the total documented squandered money is amounting to $132,134,719 – triggered by the 173,726 number of scammed reports, equalizing to 11%. That is only ten months of 2020 – up until now, the quantity is snowballing. 

These documentations are not only scammers online, but also in personal and even those thieves who are robbing off an individual’s home and get valuable materials that cost hundreds, thousands, or even millions of dollars. 

Sad to say, such incidents are continuously happening – even within the premises of one’s house. There is, indeed, no safest place in the world, considering as well as inside your home these burglars can trespass to steal and often kill someone to hide their sins and destroy the once peaceful humble abode of the whole family. 

That is why there is nothing wrong with making sure that every single thing within is safe and sound. This includes the locks of your gate and doors to make sure that you and your loved ones are benign from any trouble that will violate the amity within your home.

If you want you, your family, and the things you worked hard for to be safe and sound, read the infographic below brought to you by Global Tint UK; the most recognizable company in window tinting Luton and car window tinting Swindon:

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