Top Class Beauties in Kolkata City

Kolkata is big city and there are so many religions and enjoying different different festivals beauties are here. If are you in Kolkata city so you can see also the most beautiful places and see more fashion trends.

Bird poop was the buzz in the beauty world two years ago. It wasn’t any bird—it was the Japanese nightingale and the bird poop facial is euphemistically called the Geisha facial. The snail facial in its original form required you to have live snails leave all their slimy goodness on your face. While I am all for nature, I am not sure I want to be this close to the source. Thankfully, scientists have found ways of bottling the snail slime which, as it turns out is a free radical fighter, into a serum. The ‘vampire’ facial made famous by beauty girls technically uses PRP—platelet rich plasma which is drawn from your own blood and then through micro needling is reabsorbed into your facial skin. There is ‘Frotox’ or face freezing which uses liquid nitrogen to cool the face, freeze nerves and have the blood rushing back for a pick-me-up. A bit like dipping your face in a bucket of ice, but colder. Face ‘ironing’ on the other hand is an older technique with a new name. It uses Thermage or radio frequency to contour and smoothen skin.


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