Top Free Internet Firewalls to Keep Children Safe on the Internet

Free Internet Firewalls

Modern children can visit the entire world via the internet and they spend a lot of time online. They use the internet for connecting with friends and searching for educational material. However, the increased use of the internet has alarmed to the parents to see what their children are doing on the internet. Parents always want to see their children safe. So, internet firewall software provides you with an ability to block unwanted web content, limit screen time and restrict the use of harmful applications.  By using the top free internet firewall, you can keep safe to your children online.

ZoneAlarm Free Firewall

If you want to gain real-time security updates from new hackers, you should use the Zone Alarm Firewall. It is free and can protect your computer on public Wi-Fi networks. This free firewall offers you 5GB backup data that you can get via IDrive. However, the most important point that you should keep in mind during the process of installation is the customize installation. By reading the entire step carefully and setting it to default homepage, you can hide it easily. Create an email address in order to active Zone Alarm firewall. It gives your assurance that a third party will not use it.


Qustodio is a suitable firewall to keep your kids safe online. It has Windows Mac, Android, iOS, kindle operating system.  Most software can control to Window User so, Qustodio is available for Nook and Mac. The free version of Qustodio is very outstanding and amazing. By following some rules and regulation, you can enable it into your devices. It can block pornography and harmful contest as well as videos. By purchasing its paid version, you can get SMS alerts and can monitor all social media platforms. It also allows controlling apps that are running into your children devices. Due to its wide range of platform, it is incredibly famous and outstanding software.

Kaspersky Safe Kids

Kaspersky Safe Kids is the parental control software that keeps your children online. It is available online for multiple platforms. It has screen-time management and extra mobile-specific tools. It is free and you can use its latest version by purchasing. In the free version, you will get a blacklist in which you can add all harmful sites and prevent your children from inappropriate things. In this way, your children will not see dangerous and unreligious content online. By time management, you can control an app. For example, at the school level, you can prevent your children from seeing porn and sex videos. By using this app, you can trace you, children, GPS and can get information where they are.

Spyrix Free Key Logger

By using this advanced firewall, you can search and know what your children are trying to find out and what they are typing. It has windows operating system and remote monitoring. You can monitor by clipboard and printers. This is completely free software but it has no function of content blocking. The weak point is at is can be used in windows. Most crooks can capture to know the password and bank details; therefore, its reputation is bad. However, it is useful to see what your children are searching and you can control harmful content. You can purchase its latest features and can block content too.

OpenDNS Family Shield

Blocking domains on a home network is possible through OpenDNS family shield. It also has windows operating system and runs at the router level. By using this firewall, you will find ready-made blacklists. Though, by selecting many options, you can improve speeds. It is a parental control firewall that can block tasteless, proxy, sexuality and porn websites automatically. An advanced feature of this app is that you can use it on mobile and PCs. By filtering at your router level, you can control any device.


Glasswire is another well-designed firewall that can boost your children security and keeps them safe online. By using this GlassWire, you can block any harmful programs. This software will give you a large amount of information and alarms you what is not suitable for children. It will notify you about dangerous websites and you can block it by one click. Glassware is more attractive and useful for the parents, because, by using this software, you can control your children activities. It can record one-month activities and can monitor many remote connections.

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