Top Great Things to do in St Croix on Vacation – The Complete Vacation Guide

A unique and beautiful Caribbean Island, St Croix is the most exotic place of U.S. Virgin Islands and is the perfect escape into the paradise. Family-friendly places, thrilling adventure, wine & dine, history & rich culture, nature, and watersports, are some of the most amazing things to explore in the islands. From St Croix Waterfront Vacation Villa Rentals to Incredible Sunset Cruises, the islands have everything you’d ask on vacation.

Top Great Things to do in St Croix:

St Croix Sunrise –

You might already have heard about the sunset cruises but what about the Sunrise? For that, St Croix is the only place where you can watch the Sunrise even before anyone in the upper states of the U.S. It doesn’t end there, if you’re lucky enough to find a sunny day, you might also see the other islands from the place.

Wine & Dine –

Nothing makes a much better blend then the wine & dines itself; 39 Flavors of rum, wine tasting, waterfront restaurants, dinner at a farm, near beach restaurants are some of the best go-to places to have a delicious meal with tasty rum and wine.

Scuba –

90% of St Croix has barrier reef; the world’s second-largest barrier reef and open for all. Dive through shipwrecks, shore dive at cane bay wall, or dive the Canyons of Salt River, choose whatever option you feel comfortable with and relish the moments of deep diving. Whereas, Luxurious Vacation Villa Rentals St Croix USVI is just a few steps away from the ocean, restaurants, major attractions, and great nightlife, thus, don’t forget to rent one.

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