Troubleshooting Kodi Buffering Issue on Amazon Fire Stick or Fire TV

One of the simplest ways of setting up your own home media center is Kodi. This open-source, free software package has become really popular due to its massive versatility. Although you can install it on many devices and Kodi is very easy to configure as well, you will often find that there is Kodi buffering problem when it comes to playing media. This prevents a user from getting the complete Amazon Fire Stick tech support or video watching enjoyment.

Amazon fire stick customer service

Amazon fire stick customer service

Let’s check out how you can solve Kodi buffering issue on your Amazon Fire TV or Fire Stick:

Analyzing network issues

At first, you must examine your network speed. This will offer you an average download and upload speeds over the examination course. The upload speed is not essential for streaming but you need a strong download speed. If your download speed is not fast enough you will experience buffering problems on Kodi. To speed up your network, contact your ISP to purchase a package with higher speed.

Fixing your Kodi installation

If all the above fails to solve this issue, follow the points mentioned below:

  • Optimize Kodi for the gadget – Start by installing the Ares Wizard Kodi add-on. After a successful installation, reboot Kodi and start streaming again to see whether the problem has been fixed.
  • Utilize a VPN for preventing ISP throttling – There are some internet service providers who intentionally restrict the internet speeds of their customers for preventing them from video streaming. It happens regardless of the cost you are bearing for the package. If you connect to a VPN (Virtual Private Network), it would prevent your ISP from seeing precisely what you are doing. And as a result, your internet speed will be fast enough.


Fire Stick Customer Service

Fire Stick Customer Service

So, apply the aforementioned troubleshooting tips and if you are still not convinced, we would recommend you getting Amazon Fire Stick technical support ASAP.


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