Types of Apparel Elastic-here are the various types of elastic used for apparel, including comfi-fit clothes

One of the most common uses of elastic is in apparel. Elastic is often used in comfi-fit clothes that ensure comfort. Here are some types of elastic used in apparel, including comfi-fit apparel.

Clear elastic is a type of apparel elastic used as a stabiliser in knitted jumpers, cardigans, and jersey garments. This usually found along the areas of a garment that tends to stretch in time in the shoulders and some neckline areas of garments to help stabilise the seams or fabric. Another use for the clear elastic is to create gathers and ruches-you will find clear elastic used as an aid to help give grip to garments, especially on dance wear, gymnastic leotards, swimwear and lingerie to help keep garments in place.

 That more heat resistant compared to polyester blends and lasts longer to chlorine exposure. It is important to make sure you use the correct clear elastic since some brands are not designed to be used in hot tubs. Some clear elastic, when exposed to extreme heat, will soften and will not bounce back to original shape, so make  sure to always check the label Clear swimwear elastic is strong. It can be stretched up to 4 times its original length.

Lingerie elastic is another type of apparel elastic.  This type of elastic is typically knitted and you can get many types of this elastic. The elastic is soft and meant to sit next to the skin and the edges are sometimes scalloped, picot or have other decorative details or just plain. Lingerie elastic is heat resistant and it should not shrink in the wash. This elastic can be sewn into the fabric in order to allow direct contact with the skin, or inserted into a casing in the fabric. This elastic is most suitable for underwear, bodysuits, slips and waistbands.

Fold Over Elastic is a type of elastic you can get in many widths, weights, colour and prints. It does not fray and it is very stretchy and used to bind stretch fabric edges. It is a good choice for underwear as well as athletic apparel.

Baby elastic is used for making baby wear. It is soft and lightweight but will narrow when pulled length way and so this type of elastic is specially made so that it will stretch easily and bounce back to shape. It is heat resistant, however to so many manufacturers, it is best to check the labels first before washing it in very hot water.

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