Types of elastic tapes for comfortable Apparels

Neoprene or polychloroprene is a synthetic rubber that was invented in 1930 and was used initially as the oil-resistant substitute for natural rubber. It is now used in numerous industries like sports, aquatics, automotive, engineering, etc. The products manufactured using this elastic is durable, sturdy and safe. The elastic tapes that are needed to manufacture swimwear, active sportswear or intimate wear must be flexible and comfortable with no compromise on the looks. Insert elastics have undergone a major change in recent times with customers demanding enhanced comfort and fit. Elastic rubber tapes are widely used in intimate wear and swimwear like lingerie, panties, swimsuit or active sportswear.

A great number of production houses prefer elastic rubber tapes and they are used in multiple places like waist, Neck openings, legs or wrists, etc. of these apparels. Several custom made elastic rubber tape products have been developed for different types of requirements in apparel manufacturing and manufacturers need to make use of the right type of material and elastics in the textiles. The wrong type of elastics can cause discomfort to the users. Elastic rubber tapes are available in various widths, thickness, colors and features and neoprene elastic tapes are highly durable, latex free, water and weather resistant and physically tough to provide extra comfort to the wearer. Here are some type of tapes that are suitable for intimate apparels, sportswear, innerwear and active wear:

Ribbed Swimwear tapes: these tapes are used as insert elastics in the waist and leg opening of swimwear and they are skin friendly and leave no marks on the skin. They are highly preferred by swimwear tape manufacturers in their products and provide a comfortable fit for the user with their latex free and sturdy characteristics. They give a good grip on the body of the user and do not lose their elasticity with water or sweat.

Smooth elastic tapes: These tapes are used as an insert in the innerwear, sportswear, underwear and innerwear and they are comfortable and skin friendly. They are used by lingerie manufacturers in their products and provide a comfort and cozy fit at the leg openings and waist of the garment.

Fulflex neoprene elastic:

Fulflex is one of the leading manufacturers of elastic rubber tape, thread tapes, etc. and offers a customized range of elastics to the textile and apparel industry. With these tapes, you will get desired stretch and excellent comfort. Our range is also apt for swimwear as they provide resistance to chlorine, saline water and lotions. The company provides products that meet the international standards in quality and customer needs.

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