Types of flagpoles

Military flagpoles

This flagpole represents the military force with its establishments and their loyalty respect towards their nation. Military flagpoles are restricted in other countries ground for safety reasons for that particular country. The size for military flagpoles is also available in monster flagpole which is huge and large of all sizes for outdoor location. For the indication of the military force, it has a fly jack unit for flying it with respect and value.


This type of flagpoles is made for temporary use for indicating some special occasions or ceremonies which is also available in the size of 100-200’ flagpoles.

March pass

Flag marchers start their marching with flagpoles by taking the support of the foot at thigh level pole which is available in hand flagpoles used to hold in hands.

Indoor poles

This is usually made in the size of 6 to 8 feet height for fitting permanently into it. Indoor poles are attached in such a way for deep attracting with the bright colors for best effects.

Street poles

This street flagpoles are used and placed into the street lamps or types of furniture which may be or may not be vertical. Street flagpoles are vertical in the position but some flagpoles of streets are placed horizontally.

Home flagpoles

There are vertical flagpoles which are located in the garden or compound of the home which may be fixed or not. You can also tie flagpoles on the lanyard for raising or lowering the flags. Fixed flagpoles may be removed within darkness time.

Wall mounted flagpoles

If it is possible or has inconveniency to attach the flagpole in the ground, you can go with the wall mounting flagpoles also. You can mount or place the flagpole into the wall. Wall mounted flagpoles are usually used at homes with setting angles or on some official buildings such as government buildings, schools, colleges, etc. with mounting long height as per your choice.

Multiple flagpoles

These multiple flagpoles are the set of few flagpoles with the best arrangements of displaying fans or vertical display of flagpoles. It is used for decorating purpose with different colors of flags with different flagpoles which are available in small sizes as per the need of yours.

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