Types of skin facials

There are five types of skin such as sensitive, oily, dry, acne-prone and combination skin through which types of facials are offered according to skin type. Each facial is defined and developed for a particular type of skin, not any skin can do any type of facial. There are the best services provided in facial treatments Singapore.

The advantages and results of every facial are fantastic and different, but it is necessary to go with a suitable facial for your type of skin. Below given are types of facial provided. Also, it is adopted from facial reviews in Singapore.  Every girl is conscious for her skin and loves to take care of skin with the heart to keep up the glowing skin full year.

So, here are described some types of skin facial in details. They are:

  • Regular facial

As the name suggests, it simply cleans your face with steam, applying scrub and a suitable skin mask which ends with moisturizing your face for hydrating the skin which is provided by a salon of facial treatments Singapore. This regular facial must be done in every 15 to 20 days to help your skin glow and bring life to your glorious skin. This facial is also relevant for the normal type of skin, but it is strictly restricted to acne prone skin type.

  • Reduce acne facial

This type of facial is highly suitable for those who have oily skin and is going from acute acne problems. The steps of the process included in this type of facial are deep cleansing with steam, exfoliation and formulated masks applied after exfoliating. Hence, in this facial, some salicylic and glycolic acids are being used on skin which is advised for those to consult their skin doctor for going through this facial which is to be done at regular intervals.

  • Fruits facial

This type of facial is natural which has no side effects on the skin which has great facial reviews Singapore and gives the glowing skin as the result. It not only gives the best result but also decreases dark spots with a beautiful shine to your face. Fruit facials can be done at home also.

  • Paraffin facial

This facial is in trend and most required nowadays. it is especially for dull skin which has lost its glow by growing age. The warm wax is applied on the skin which when cools down opens up the pores, clean and moisturize the face of skin which can be done on hands as well as feet.

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