Uncontested Divorce Attorney in Orlando and Coronavirus

An uncontested divorce attorney in Orlando Florida knows that Covid-19 (Coronavirus) is putting strain on all aspects of lives. Bank account balances are disappearing, quality time with our spouses is turning into an unexpected challenge, and employers are furloughing and laying off workers. Jobs are being cut. With an abundance of time on your hands, you may have come to the realization that your spouse is “not the person that you married”, and that you do not want to stay married. Regrettably, you might believe that with the state of the job market and the unpredictability of our economy, that you will not be able to afford a divorce. Think again! The Jacobs Law Firm can help you get an affordable uncontested divorce in Orlando in a way that will save you money on legal fees and not break your bank.

An uncontested divorce in Orlando will generally be settled out of court and require only a brief appearance before the judge. An uncontested divorce consists of you and your spouse agreeing on all the terms of your marriage ending, such as who will get what property, what will be divided, what will be kept by each party, and in some cases the alimony that one of the parties will receive. If your marriage also has minor children in common, an uncontested divorce must also decide time-sharing/visitation, the decisions that will be made for the child’s best interests, and the child support that will be paid for the minor child or children you and your spouse share. Instead of having a judge make these decisions for you, carpe diem with your divorce and get an actual say in how much you pay, what you compromise, and what you don’t give up in order to get the divorce that is best for you, your bank account, and your children. Speak with an uncontested divorce attorney in Orlando today.

A judge will not always consider what you want or need when you are standing in front of them in the courtroom as they decide your case. Putting your livelihood in the control of an unknown person instead of getting to choose your outcome can be unsettling. Even worse, divorces that are contested are significantly more expensive than that of uncontested divorces, so by being amicable, you are saving money on attorney’s fees and other costs of litigation.

Uncontested divorce attorney in Orlando Jonathan Jacobs works with clients on their uncontested divorce cases in Orange County Florida, Seminole County Florida, Lake County Florida, and Osceola County Florida. He can help you with your case immediately. If you are ready to end your marriage amicably and save on legal fees, call the Jacobs Law Firm, PLLC today for a consultation on how your divorce can be achieved. Avoid leaving your finances, assets, and time with your children to the to the judgment of an unknown court officer. Call us today.

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