Uncontested Divorce Attorney Orlando and Filing for Divorce

If you have come to the decision that you are ready for a divorce, but your spouse is not necessarily on the same page; then it is time to tread lightly with your soon to be ex-spouse. For instance, instead of serving your ex with divorce papers out of the blue and potentially making a hostile situation where no one wins, you can attempt to make the process slightly smoother by hiring the Jacobs Law Firm, Uncontested Divorce Attorney Orlando, to draft a settlement offer.

An Uncontested Divorce Attorney Orlando knows that a settlement offer is an offer that you can give your spouse outlining the division of property, assets, child support, alimony, and time sharing of your children. In the settlement offer you can try come to a civil understanding of what each party would want in the divorce, even when you know your spouse is not on board with the idea. Also, the alternative of starting with a petition of dissolution of marriage and someone personally serving your spouse, it is more palatable for your soon to be ex-spouse to wrap their head around. This is especially true since your spouse does not have the time crunch to respond to a document through the court system as they would had you filed a petition for dissolution of marriage through your county.

Let’s say your spouse is very against a divorce since they are worried they will not have enough time with the kids and they are very against going to an Uncontested Orlando Divorce Attorney office in order to start the process. You have the ability to go to your own lawyer and draw up terms that you think your spouse would want, so that they have enough time with the kids and whatever else you feel they value in the event that your marriage does dissolve.

After your lawyer has drafted the settlement agreement to your liking with your priorities in mind, then it is time to sit down with your spouse to discuss the agreement that you have at hand. This is another benefit of starting with a settlement agreement. You have the ability to come from a place of collaboration and sit down with your spouse in order to find terms that you are both comfortable with before filing for divorce in order to keep a civil environment for the children and for yourselves.

Attorney Jacobs, managing partner of the Jacobs Law Firm, PLLC, Uncontested Divorce Attorney  in Orlando Fl, is ready to prepare your settlement agreement today. He serves the central Florida area in all of the family law needs. Call or email for your divorce consultation today.

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