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When you had kids you thought they would be off to college and moving out by eighteen, right? You supplied your kids with the materials to be successful and provided them with the resources to be great, so they can live and provide for themselves. Or so that’s what you had hoped would occur when they finished high school and earned a diploma. Then your nicely laid plan goes awry, and your kid changes the tune on the future that you both planned on. They turn into your boomerang kid. The boomerang kid is the kid that either never leaves the house and lives in their childhood room until they are past adulthood, or the kid that comes back after college or moving out after high school, but comes back home and decides without your express permission to stick around way too long. There is no way to evict someone who would never pay you rent to begin with right? Wrong, instead of an eviction you can employ another legal tactic to get your home and your space back, an unlawful detainer lawsuit; and to use that unlawful detainer you need an unlawful detainer attorney in Orlando.

You can still get them out of your house if they are doing activities you don’t condone or maybe the law doesn’t condone. Then you need an unlawful detainer attorney in Orlando. An unlawful detainer attorney in Seminole, can remove the child that you are no longer wanting to house or even any other person that is in your house or on your property that you just can’t seem to shake. Have some land that people are squatting on or doing illegal activity on? That is another problem that your unlawful detainer attorney in Lake County Florida can solve. 

The Jacobs Law Firm, serving Orlando and the surrounding Central Florida area, is an experienced unlawful detainer attorney that can help you get rid of your unwanted “guest”, especially when polite requests cannot solve this problem that you are having. The Jacobs Law Firm  can make sure that the people you need out of your house or off your property are removed in a way that you are not put in a confrontation, especially if the party that you are removing is a confrontational one. The best way to best protect yourself, your property, and your home is to hire the Jacobs Law Firm as your unlawful attorney detainer in Orlando.


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