Use Best Beautiful Watercolors to Paint on Fondant Cake

Did you know that you can paint on cake? Yes, it’s true! Instead of decorating a soft fondant surface with simple icing script or long candles, think of it as a blank canvas worthy of a more striking finish. Using food-safe brushes, adorn the cake with layered images of colorful floral that could also be accompanied by the true things. Your done creation can be the sophisticated centerpiece of a bridal shower, baby shower or Mother’s Day lunch and everyone will stop to admire it — just like a work of art.

Things You’ll Need:
• Color dust in primary colors
• Liquid white icing color
• Pure lemon extract
• Palette
• Food-safe brushes
• Paper towels
• Fondant cake
• Fresh flowers

Beautiful Watercolors to Paint on Fondant Cake

Step 1: Create the Best Colorful Palette
• Fill every well of your palette with lemon extract according to the number of colors you want. Create with primary colors like red, yellow and blue. Gently tap 1/4 teaspoon of color dust into each well and mix with the end of a paintbrush until the dust has dissolved. Analysis the intensity of the color on a scrap piece of fondant, and add more dust until you reach a desired hue.

Beautiful Watercolors to Paint on Fondant Cake
Step 2: Beautiful Paint a Floral Design
• Set up your floral design by using a fine-tip paintbrush to paint the outline of the flowers on the fondant. Usually, it looks aesthetically pleasing to use three different flower shapes. This project uses a round flower, a five-petal flower and a four-petal flower in shades of pink and red. Cover your whole cake in evenly-spaced flowers, and use your paper towel and fresh lemon extract to clean the brushes between colors. Allow each layer to dry for 5 minutes before starting another. Lastly, don’t forget to leave room in between each bloom for the leaves and flourishes.

Beautiful Watercolors to Paint on Fondant Cake
Step 3: Add Best Dimension to the Floral
• Now let’s add texture and detail to the flowers! Place white icing color inside one of the blank palette wells, and mix it and the other shades together to get opaque and lighter tints. Paint detailed petal shapes, shadows and center buds onto the flowers for dimension. Allow the layer to dry for 5 minutes.

Beautiful Watercolors to Paint on Fondant Cake
Step 4: Fill in the White Spaces with Green Details
• Time for the finishing touches. Mix together your green shade with white icing color. Include in yellow color if the hue is too blue-green. Using a fine-tip brush, paint the centers of the flowers, and then finish with the leaves and stem flourishes. Keep the leaves close to the body of the flowers, and fill the white space in between the floral with vines. Finish with bud details and veins in the leaves to give it a complete look. Allow it to dry completely for 10 minutes.

Beautiful Watercolors to Paint on Fondant Cake
Step 5: Go All Out with Beautiful Flowers
• Position the cake on a stand, and arrange fresh floral blooms on the top and around the bottom of your watercolor masterpiece. This floral watercolor cake is almost too pretty to eat, but it will most certainly be a show-stopper for your event!

Beautiful Watercolors to Paint on Fondant Cake

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