Use of RUDRAKSH in Ayurveda

Rudraksh is obtained from a tree which is found in different parts of India, especially the Himalayas.

Rudraksh is a seed obtained from a tree which is found in different parts of India, especially the Himalayas. It is the fruit of the plant which in the form of hard tubercle nuts. These nuts are plucked from these trees and made into various wearable forms like rosaries, bracelets and necklaces and worn to experience its benefits. Rudraksh mala is considered to be highly beneficial and is in high demand in India.

Owing to its special benefits in Ayurvedic medicine, the huge demand for Rudraksh seeds is commercially met by importing in huge quantities from countries like Nepal, Malaya and Indonesia as well. The cultivation of Rudraksh herb thrives better in warm climatic regions that have high and well-distributed rainfall and good drainage of the rain water. In India, Rudraksh plants are found in different forests of Chhattisgarh. And, now seeing its demand, many have started growing Rudraksh herbs in the state of Chhattisgarh. They are getting enormous benefits from their harvests.

Ayurvedic medicine says that Rudraksh seeds are the best natural healers. Anyone who wears necklaces of Rudraksh is able to protect themselves from evil spirits. Due to these factors, it has become costly and not easily available too. Rudraksh is known to cure fever instantly. The Ayurvedic healers also rub Rudraksh beads with Honey and give it to patients to eat to cure many diseases. It is also considered to be a promising solution for treating hyper pyrexia.

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