Useful Tips to Make an Effective Book Cover Design

Most of the readers judge a book by its cover. An impressive and attractive book cover can increase the sales of the book, whereas a lousy cover will find no buyers. It has been observed that writers take a lot of strain in writing the book, but they neglect to pay the same type of attention to design the cover of the book. Some effective tips for book cover design are:

  • The cover must reflect the idea of the content in a brief manner to readers.
  • The cover should illustrate the mood and the tone of the book.
  • Select a designer, and then an illustrator.
  • Limit the number of words on the cover to six.
  • White spaces around the title and authors name is important.
  • The background of the cover should not be while.

Hence, a writer should be extra careful before finalizing on book cover design services. An attractive book cover design plays a vital role in the success of the book.

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