Using Org Charts to Power Success

Level Up to Business Success with Organization Charts

When an external customer, supplier or partner would like to engage with the right key personnel in your organization, the main tool to use as your main point of reference is the Organization Chart. Internal users can also take advantage of org charts to know the hierarchical structure of the organization and learn the roles and responsibilities of key personnel. 

Org charts outlines the clear reporting channels according to the hierarchical flow of authority, thus improving internal and external communication within the organization. They can be used extensively during organizational design and development, business planning sessions, execute restructuring or organizational changes, and align personnel with their short-term and long-term goals and functionalities. 

Spreadsheets or presentation applications are used extensively by many organizations for manually designing and creating org charts. This method can work with small companies or organizations with a small and manageable workforce. But for more complex organizations that involve multiple employees that run in the hundreds or even thousands, the use of org design software makes the process easier, more convenient and highly accurate. 

Aside from these software tools and applications, more advanced organization chart solutions like the one from Nakisa Hanelly can also be used to create more optimized, comprehensive and complex charts like the SAP organizational charts

To fully understand how to harness the power of organizational charts, the following infographic can be used to highlight the key features of org charts and learn how this graphical tool can help you to level-up your business.

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