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Greetings from Columbia Driving School which is the best known Commercial Driving License (CDL) School in the Chicago. The products used by us are transferred here through trucks. There is a huge demand for Truck Drivers’ position and various CDL jobs waiting for the qualified Driving School students. As per the law of Chicago if you want to drive trucks then you need to get a Chicago CDL license from the Columbia Driving School, and the candidate has to pass a CDL test. We provide the ultimate training to drive on the road with high-quality CDL as soon as possible. We train the candidates very well and make them a professional truck driver. It doesn’t matter if you have a prior experience in the driving you can still check your speed and way of driving. We provide services like Endorsements for Double-Triple, Refresher course, Hazardous Materials training and CDL Class A. Classroom instructions will be given at the Commercial Driving school Chicago to you by the trained operators. Computerized testing will be done which will count in the written exams. Your skills and our trucks. Not only have we provided the financing programs that will do your training at the affordable rates but we have job placement assistance to prepare yourself for the better future.


If you want to improve your driving skills, then believe us Chicago CDL Driving School is your place. We provide the stage to grow into the professionalism. Commercial Driving License School Chicago is the school where we only focus on the professional skills taught to you. The elementary age required to become a truck driver who can drive in different states is 21, but if he wants to drive in his state, then he needs to be 18 years old.   We prepare you for best of DOT (department of transportation). You can easily pass the tests if you have followed our instructions. The classes atCDL School Chicago are available in many languages like Polish, Lithuanian, Russian and English. We teach our drivers on equal ground, and we respect all religions. There are three types of skills which are judged under the CDL test. They are on-road driving, pre-trip inspection and basic vehicle control. This test is held under the premises of Chicago CDL Driving School. We pay attention to every individual driver, and we always look forward to the contribution of development in the automobiles. We have a professional team which is very good at providing knowledge about the hazardous materials, air brakes and types of vehicles.

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