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Red Lead Alloy Suppliers in Bangalore are the right option when you are looking to purchase read lead oxide. Let us look at what is the use of red lead oxide and its other features.

Red Lead Oxide and Lead Alloys Suppliers in Bangalore

Uses and Features of Red Lead Oxide

Red Lead Suppliers in Bangalore, the common name of red lead oxide is a red colored or orange powder. The main feature of red lead is that it is insoluble in water and is prepared using the process where metallic lead is oxidized.

The popularity of red lead oxide is mainly due to its viability as an ingredient for batteries and also in other industries such as ceramic and glass industries.

Applications of Red Lead

  1. It is popular ingredient for the paint industry because of the rust blocking feature it has.
  2. In addition, paint consisting of red lead oxide is used for protecting iron from getting rusted.
  3. There is a range of applications it is put to use such as, anti-corrosive coatings, battery manufacturing, crystal glass, ceramics, mining, and crystal glasses.

Benefits of Red Lead Oxide

It is a common ingredient in paints but because of toxicity it has, it is being used limitedly. However, earlier it was utilized in conjunction with linseed oil in the form of paint with long lasting effect.

In addition, it was combined with linen and minium fibers in the field of plumbing.However, right now it is mostly used for manufacturing of glass such as, lead glass.

Another common use is in pyrotechnics in the form of a potent oxidizer. Lastly, you will find it being used in pottery enamel and glazing industry.



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