What are the results of Rollover Scripts on SEO?

Rollover script of SEO

Rollover script of SEO

Web pages current information to website visitors. This appearance can be enhanced using scripts, for example to create interactive functions such as rollovers. A rollover is a image effect applied to a Web page element when a user rolls his mouse over it. While these features can improve user interaction and engagement with a site, there can be an impact on how well the site performs in the search engines. Although rollovers can have an effect on SEO, Web developers can take steps to address this issue.


  • The content of a Web page is normally delivered to the user’s browser in HTML markup code. This code includes the text, images and media displayed on the page, together with an indicator of the page structure and usually styling properties in Cascading Style Sheet code. Pages can also optionally include JavaScript code. Such scripts can identify interactive features, for example making additional information about a Web page item appear when the user has her mouse rolled over it.

Search Engines

  • Search engines can have a grave impact on the performance of an online business, or any business with a website. Web developers can take steps to optimize the performance of a site in the search engines, such as using well-structured markup code and adequate metadata. To acquire the information that determines where a site is listed in a search result page, the search engines use programs known as robots or spiders. These program crawl the Web gather information about sites, using this information to list the sites when users carry out searches.


  • Historically, search engine programs gathering data about a site would not execute JavaScript code. This meant that any content that was only exposed on rollovers may not have been gathered by such a program, causing a potential reduction in site SEO. Although some search engine spider programs are now able to execute JavaScript, developers cannot assume that this will be the case. Also, some users switch off JavaScript in their Web browsers, meaning that rollover content is not available to them either.


  • Although search engine robots are increasing in complexity, for optimum results, developers need to view their sites with JavaScript turned off within the browser, to see accurately what will be available in such circumstances. By ensuring that all textual information required for SEO is available whether JavaScript is turned off or on, developers can be confident that interactive functions are not having a detrimental effect on SEO. Aside from the impact on SEO, given that access to site content in the absence of JavaScript makes a site more accessible to a wider range of users.
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