What do you understand by a good facial?

When it comes to keeping our skin healthy and bright, we are often recommended to go for a good facial. It is said that the best facial massage opens our pores and cleans our skin from deep within making it look healthy and shiny. Now, there are different reasons why one opts for a facial, and there are different kinds of facial available in the market as well. Some may want to get luminous skin, and some may ask for dull skin treatment, so the request for customised facials in Singapore is always in demand.  

Some go for facials simply to feel relaxed and pampered. No matter what the reason is, facials can take care of your skin expertly. However, if you are new to this, then you might feel the whole process of facial to be a bit overwhelming. But don’t you worry, we have prepared this guide just to let you know what to expect when you go for a facial treatment.

Your first facial

Once you have booked an appointment, then you will visit the spa first according to your appointment. Avoid using retinol or any facial products before the facial because it may make your skin feel dry.

The specialist will start with cleansing. Cleansing is a standard routine to remove all the impurities from your face and neck gently. They will apply cream and then remove it using warm water.

Next comes exfoliating. Exfoliating will remove dead skin cells from your skin. In order to do is, the specialist will use an exfoliating scrub or cream.

To remove clogged and excess oil and even the dead skin, you might be asked to go through the extraction process as well. This will remove blackheads and acne.

Then comes the best part, massage! The specialist will gently massage your face, neck and sometimes even the upper body, depending on what you asked for. This will improve blood circulation.

Once the massage is done, the skincare expert will put on a mask on your face and will ask you to wait for 20-30 minutes. Then they will wash it off with warm water.

It all depends on what kind of facial you have asked for, and likewise, the process will follow. If you are looking for a facial treatment which will help your skin feel better, then you should try Bellezza.com.sg for their award winning facials in Singapore.

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