What Happened?

What Happened?

Both residential and commercial structures can fail and suffer damage, leaving authorities and the people asking the question, “What happened?” The property owners, insurance companies, and courts can only entrust the task of finding out what caused the structure to fail to forensic engineers.

Professional engineers will conduct forensic engineering, or the application of engineering principles to an investigation, to find out what happened to the structure. Licensed engineers are indispensable to a forensic investigation since they can help fast track the repairs on the structure, ensure a smooth turnover of a newly constructed house, guarantee fair insurance coverage, and stand as expert witnesses during litigation.

It takes a licensed professional engineer to provide an objective and fact-based testimony on what happened to the structure that led to its failure. For more information on what forensic engineering is and how it can help property owners in New York and Long Island regarding structural failures in the area, see this infographic by Tauscher Cronacher.


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