What is Non-chemical water treatment & MAGNETIZER water conditioner?

HomeFrontNon-chemical water treatment is the treatment method used to eliminate hard water scale, corrosion, metal pitting or bacteria. Non-chemical water treatment is friendly to theenvironment reducing water pollution by salt and other chemicals, reduction of water maintenance problems with increased efficiency of the system, and a life time of benefits.

This saves on other treatment methods used for controlling the growth of bacteria by releasing copper or copper-silver electrolytically ions. The concentration of copper is used for controlling the medium by reducing biofilm for the production of bacteria with reducing sulfate bacteria and pathogenic type of bacteria. The corrosion prevention is also one of the features as per the result of the field of electrostatic by creating when the passing water goes between the charged cathode and anode assembled together with an ion which gets exchanged by the media filtering.

The ions of copper and silver are used for eliminating or reducing algae or bacteria in the water streams as this system use this technology by adding the filtration system with removing the process of calcium through the filtration media by exchanging ion properties.MAGNETIZER does it all automatically why placed on a pipe and does not require extra steps.

MAGNETIZER of water conditioner

The MAGNETIZER water conditioner uses a magnetic connection by dissolving the scale in the heatermagnetically resulting in energy and money saving. There is 48% energy saving in MAGNETIZER water conditioner by eliminating the mineral scales. This is also used for the creation of de-gasification by reducing the taste and smell of chlorine by controlling the hardness of water while softening the water in a natural, healthy and safe way.

It is very easy to work or install by strapping it simply around the pipe with no moving parts. Itdoes not require external power and is considered as the leader of natural water quality improving technology in 100 countries.

Its advantages are felt e.g. in personalhygiene withbetter quality of hard water which is softenednaturally making hair more silky and better hydrate our skin with less creams. Another benefit is laundry as it needs less detergent, powder or softeners with laundry becoming bright, clean, softer and without the residue of soap.

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