What kind of Massage should I select?

There are lots of types of Massage : Aroma, Swedish, Deep Tissue, Thai etc

Aroma is a lighter soothing touch which is great for calming and soothing effect. It is done with oils. Swedish has more pressure and is good for relieving muscle tension. Deep Tissue is even firmer than Swedish and penetrates deeper into muscles. Balinese has an empahisis on acupressure. Thai is a dry massage and is mainly stretching and movements.

Selection Process :

To select the right type of massage is like going to a restaurant and ordering food. It entirely depends on your needs and preferences. If you do not have any pains and are just looking for a soothing touch then Aroma is a good choice. If your muscles are tense then go for Swedish and if you have some major knots in your muscles then go for Deep Tissue. If your body is stiff and you lead a sedentary lifestyle then Thai is excellent for you as it gives your body a yoga type work out.


Another prudent approach is to combine Massage styles. Thai massage can be combined with great benefits to any massage. After all it is an excellent idea to end your massage with some nice stretches and movements. Aroma also goes very well with other styles. It is a wonderful feeling to have a light soothing relaxing touch before and after deeper work. It is not a good idea to just go for deep tissue as the source of pain may be different than the area it is felt. For example a back pain could be caused due to nerves originating in another area of the body. It is always a good idea to take a complete body massage and relax all the muscles and nervous system before going deep in a localized area. Also it is advisable to increase the pressure gradually.

Sudden application of pressure may cause the pain to get worse. The aim is to gradually and effectively loosen the tight muscles and knots and bring them to ease. Always keep in mind Body Mind Soul are all connected. So unless the Mind and Soul is brought to a deep state of relaxation the body will always be in a state of discomfort. For the best choices and top notch service in Massage Bangalore or Female Massage Bangalore or Home Massage Bangalore please contact www.californiaspa.in

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