What Makes Seattle and Anderson Island the Ultimate Destination to Visit on Vacation in Washington? Find Out.

Enjoy the many family exhibitions and activities available in Seattle and have fun exploring the history of both Seattle and the nearest Anderson Island. This is something we would recommend even if it was not part of the pass and well deserves a visit. Besides, Keep the reservations of Anderson Island Beach House for Rent in Advance as rentals run out of rooms quicker than you think.

Have a Coffee Break at the Mega-Starbucks – this magic Mecca called us! While you will pass through hundreds of Starbucks stores walking the streets of Seattle, this tremendous Willy Wonka-ish Coffee Factory is a great place to rest.

For a delicious lunch or gourmet dinner just a block away from the Pike Place Market, dine in first-class Etta’s. We loved to experience the seasonal seafood menu while enjoying the beautiful views outside the enormous windows. Our highlights include creamy clam soup, tasty squid, crab cakes and the famous salmon Rub with Love. Save room for dessert: we devour your delicious coconut cream cake!       

Visit the wall of gum – We understand, its GROSS! But your children will be delighted and even inspired by this modern art! Located just around the corner from the Public Market is a must-see: a large wall completely plastered with chewed pieces of gum. Try not to think about the unpleasant aspects and germs of this attraction. Bring some sticks of your own and add them to this unique work of art! Moreover, Family Vacation Homes Rentals in Seattle would be the finest place to stay on vacation as it comes with modern comforts, friendly services and at affordable rates.

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