What should Businesses be prepared for Content Marketing 2019

Content marketing is an age-old practice, as opposed to SEO that is quite new in industry. Yet has instantly become the primary digital focus for many marketers. However, SEO requires content to exist.

Industry is going back to basics of content marketing to sharpen their SEO techniques. Although SEO has matured rapidly but there are many misconceptions around it that might often impact the content marketing process in a rather negative way.

Let’s discuss what are they.

Importance of Content Scoring in Content Marketing - Saberni Website Blog

SEO is Integrated and Diverse

Initially SEOs worked in solitary without people having complete idea about it – about ranking and optimization. There are many aspects to it such as user experience, brand building, etc. which were ignored.

However, the concept has evolved, and that SEO is only one of the key elements to success. It is highly impossible to attain high rankings without creating brand awareness and developing authority nor giving good user experience.

Google has incorporated these factors and monitor the users’ interaction with a website and their response and satisfactory levels on various parameters. Trust and authority have become vital pointers for ranking.

The result is very few companies work in silos of SEO such as only link building or digital marketing. Most of them offer end-to-end marketing services and those that are leading the market offer integrated marketing services.

SEO is not about Precise Keywords anymore

Gone are the days where you are forced to use exact words and phrases with repeating rate within a copy. Search engines have moved past the so-called concept of keywords towards ‘keyword strings’ which is more focused on understanding concepts, entities and topics. The trend is evolving throughout the Google search result pages.

Google has become intelligent than even before and understands various phrases that can be associated with our search query and steers the focus more on results quality rather than exact keywords. Depth and quality of the content has taken precedence rather than being verbatim.

Use keyword tools that provide more options and phrases to enhance your content quality, inspiring you to formulate your content accordingly. Ubersuggest is one of such examples, it’s completely free and provides great options and filters with quick analysis of trending searches and the best of all it suggests all possible phrases that can be generated from your given keywords.

Google also clusters the topics by entities for e.g. on the basis of brands they know about. Another important point to note is while working on content, you should be quite clear with subtopics and sub-categories that must be given and aware of the gist of content to be given for an engaging article.

Serpstat is a good tool to cluster your keywords. The website uses Google results for every keyword in your list to identify how relevant are your queries and related based on the number of overlapping URLs and the ranking for the given set of keywords. Serpstat does not use traditional clustering technique, therefore it is a much smarter and more up-to-date option, definitely worth to try out.

Search Gives a lot of Cues

No doubt Google search has come a long way and becoming smarter by the day while identifying the search intent and delivers its users what they expect. More importantly, Google has become more efficient in figuring out people’s struggle and helping them with the best possible options within search results, while researching the topic at the back end.

On the parallel side, its pertinent to admire the search intent and also understand the search approach and analysis Google has embraced that content developers should dwell on. The idea is to take those cues and interpret them to formulate content that has higher quality, ability to appear in search, is value-added and best optimized.

Let’s see how that can be enforced:

  • While actively searching for your topics ensure that you look at all possible blended search results that reflect, whether there are any carousal ads,] or videos for you to implement in similar lines.
  • While searching, do you find any image results which evidently hints at visual content that users engage in more often. Try to incorporate the same and clearly find out which particular aspect of the content has been visually highlighted to make it look more appealing and engaging.
  • Don’t be enticed with ad pages. They are a clear indication of changing your search criteria.

While you incorporate all these important points, also look at the options “People also ask” in your search results. Those are the popular questions similar to your query that are the treasure house of content creation. Click some of those to get a deeper perspective for inspiration.

Google has a feature called snippets to extract core information. Try to comprehend the philosophy behind it that will help you structure your article and other copy work which will further enable Google to understand your intend and make it easier for your users too. For e.g.: Give conceptual details, facts & numbers, sub-headings with well re-searched reference links.


SEO cannot work in a silo anymore. With evolving trends in search engines, there are much more facets to it than mere digital marketing tag. Content is the most important aspect that has to be the king of your SEO strategy. While conducting your research and structuring your article and other copy works, ensure that all the above-discussed factors are incorporated. This in return encourages better ranking and generate user-friendly content which will further accelerate your chances of brand visibility and facilitate Google search in recognizing your website easily.

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