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When is the best time for a baby photoshoot?


A baby’s arrival brings in lots of joy and anticipation. You can’t wait to decorate your child’s adorable room; you continuously search on the web for the best baby clothes, accessories for them, and more. You want the best for the child, so why not consider baby photography in DarwinThere are many skilled and professional baby photographers in Darwin, who will make sure to click beautiful photos pf your darling angel. 

Babies grow so fast. Even if you would like them to stay just like that forever, your baby will achieve a new milestone each year. Before they grow old, think about hiring a photographer for Darwin new-born photography. Having said that, let us talk to you about the best time to capture your baby’s tender and innocent moments. 


The best time to click the baby’s photo is when they are only two weeks old. This is the time when they are most sleepy, and it is easier for the photographer to settle them for a different pose. They can be curled up in a foetal position, and in fact, babies love this position a lot. Right after the two weeks, the baby will start to stretch out, uncurl themselves, and also become a lot more alert. 

Baby photoshoot during 3-5 months

During three to five months, you can hold the baby’s head much easier. You will see curiosity in their eyes. These things also allow the photographer to click a lot of lovely shots. This is also the time when you will get to your baby’s personality developing. They will smile, giggle, and laugh at different and even at the silliest little things. What can be better than capturing an adorable baby smiling? 

Baby photoshoot from 6 to 10 months 

The best part about going for a baby photoshoot during six to ten months is that they are the most interactive during this phase. They won’t start crawling yet, but you will see them engaging with you and others. This also gives the photographer a chance to click moments and bring out their joyful personality through their lenses.

Baby photoshoot during 11- 13 months 

Once the baby approaches the end of his or first year, they will become a toddler, meaning they will start walking. Let the photographer capture this new milestone for you.  Hire Darwin photographerswho will capture all these tender moments for you. Keep them as your cherished memories, because soon your baby will start to grow. 

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