Which is the best facial massage for your skin?

In case you are looking forward to move towards your most favoured beauty parlour for getting some facial massages that you always experience monthly, you need to examine on what kind of facial will suit the best for your skin. Of course, women love to spend their time in the salon and undoubtedly, these beauty techniques are not only going to give you a clear skin but are also going to give you some time for relaxation. Good facial skills are really ‘a must’.

Here is the showcasing of each of the best facial massage that is going to suit your skin type:

  • Normal to dry skin type

Nourishing creams are used for those women whose skin type is normal. Also, you can make use of the moisturizers. Classic facials as well as the Plant stem cell facial are considered to be the two most important facials and it is recommended for you to get them applied by those beauticians who have good facial skills. These facial massages have to be kept still for duration of one hour.

  • Normal to oily skin type

It is not at all advised for the women with oily skin to make use of the nourishing creams or the moisturizers. Instead, deep cleansing including varied techniques i.e. toning, protection, mask and exfoliation have to be done. Apart from this, the apt facials for you would be the Pearl facial as well as the Silver Facial with the time duration of approx one hour.

  • Skin with a combination of both types

Since, there is a prevalence of both dry as well as the oily tissues, the skin type which are a combination have to be treated with utmost care. You have to indulge in cleansing for the same and then experience the Platinum facial and also the most prevalent and significant Gem Therapy. The best facial massage has to be done on this skin and these facial massages have to be kept for duration of 45 minutes to 1 hour.

However, irrespective of your skin type and the efforts which you have to make for letting your face remain clear all throughout the week or month just keep in mind- You are always beautiful!

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