Why lead market complaints arise – A Lead Market Review

Why lead market complaints arise? What are the reasons for poor quality of leads? Let us find answers to these questions in the following sections.

Reasons for Lead Market Complaints

Reason #1: Not Prioritizing Leads

The main reason leads are often of poor quality is because of the fact that sales teams do not use data for prioritizing their leads. Due to this fact they are often going after dead leads or lukewarm leads instead of the positive leads that may convert.

Reason #2: Lack of Quick Response

Lead market review shows that the conversion rates depend upon how quickly the marketing teams hands over the lead information to the sales team. If the leads are approached after several hours or days after the leads are generated, then it is more than likely that your sales team will miss out on most of the opportunities.

Market data shows that if the leads are not contacted on immediate basis then it is ten times less likely that sales team will be able to convert those leads.

Leads market complaints arise primarily due to the fact that sales representatives often do not prioritize the leads they contact. Thus, it results in waste of time which could be spent on converting positive leads.

Reason #3: Not Examining Lead Signals

Lead market complaints arise when lead market customer care representatives misread lead signals and assume that a lead is ready to buy the product or service when in reality they are not at all interested in the same.

For instance, a customer says, ohh that’s interesting, and the sales representative assumes that the lead is really interested in the product or service, but in reality that person may be trying to shrug off the caller. On the other hand, if someone asks whether there is any offer/discount on the product or service it does not mean that the customer is only interested in buying something that is discounted. On the other hand, it may mean that he is interested in buying but wants to know if he can also get some discount for it.






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