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Online shopping in Delhi is the new emerging trend. It began with shopping clothes and other accessories and now anyone can shop even groceries online. An unexpected rise has been observed in online grocery shopping. People in the 21st century are smart, modern and working. Most of the times, it is difficult to visit a retail shop and purchase fruits and vegetables. The digital era has revolutionized the way we used to purchase groceries for pour home. Now everyone can at the comfort of their home can order fresh fruits and vegetables and can save lots of their valuable time and energy.

There are various myths that surround the mind of most of us. Below are few myths explained and busted to make your online grocery shopping in Delhi a joyful and memorable experience.

Myth 1: There’s no future of online grocery shopping.

The biggest myth among people is that online shopping involves a huge capital investment due to its need of a cold storage. Despite of the problem of cold storage faced, online grocery shopping in Delhi has raised and will continue its growth in the long course of time.

Myth 2: People choose ‘pick up’ rather than home delivery’ to avoid damage of goods

It is believed by most people that online grocery shopping in Noida damages the perishable goods such as fruits and vegetables. But according to the studies conducted it was found and observed that people generally prefer pick-up facility over delivery of their ordered items just to save time, avoid delay in delivery of goods and in some cases delivery charges.

Myth 3: People generally don’t order perishable food

According to the survey conducted, dairy product is mostly ordered by peoples in an online grocery shopping in Delhi followed by meat and seafood. It is also observed that people are now inclining more towards ordering vegetables online in Delhi and Noida. Thus, these two being perishable food items are most ordered by people online.

Myth4: No on-time delivery.

Another myth that most people hold on to them is that there’s no on-time delivery of food items ordered. The actual scenario is just opposite is what is believed. There have been no delay deliveries been observed by almost any e-grocery stores. The food ordered online in Noida is mostly delivered on time without any damage made to the food item.

Myth 5: No genuine product sold

The biggest myth that is related to online shopping in Delhi is that no genuine product is being sold. Ordering food online in Delhi and Noida could be risky as the quality of the food item may be defected. But the actual situation is not like this, most e-grocery stores guarantees fresh and genuine vegetables and fruits in Delhi to their customers along with an easy replace option in case the food item gets damaged somehow during the transit from store to the customer.

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