Why Purchase Villas and Not Apartments

When we plan to buy a property it is so essential to prepare a checklist or it will land us into a soup. The checklist is based on our expectation and our reality. Reality is the pinch of the facts that is really happening around us. So considering the checklist it is important to put up these points if we are looking for 3 bhk villas in Jigani or apartments at the same price.


The Positives

Free space: Dil Mange More. It is the desire of every Indian to ask more so a bit of more space without limits will be welcomed by both hands by people of all ages.

Kids will love the space and would spend more time outside than with the gadgets and adults can use the space to park the car right in front of their luxury villas in Jigani. It will be like a dream come true.

Healthier: It will be possible to have a good healthy life as the crowd will be less. It can be a good option to have kitchen garden which can help us to have a healthy lifestyle.

Investment: It will be good option as the demand for villas in Jigani are more compared to apartments.

The Negatives

Budget: It will be pricier than the apartment as it is more costly.

Rental income: It will be rather difficult to put the villa projects near Jigani in the rental market as it may be far from the city. So people will look for a place closer to the office and school rather than spending time in commuting.


The Positives

Security: It is safe and secure in the apartment as there is always a security staff which filters the crowd and help in peaceful dwelling.

Community: It always feels good to be part of community as it makes our life more meaningful with people around us.

Rental Income: It is easy to put the apartment in rent as it is in the city with easy access to schools, hospitals and offices.

The Negatives

Crowd: In apartments it is so difficult to find free space to sit in the garden as there are lots of people in the building making it difficult to find free space and also to use the amenities in the club house.

Maintenance: It is also a monthly cost to pay for the maintenance .Maintenance add on to the cost based on the floor level, if it is on high rise with a lot of amenities then the price increases.

Investments: The known fact about villas and apartments is that price for 3 bhk villas in Jigani increases 5 times but apartment price increases by 2 times only due to the fact that land size is depreciating year by year. So after 15 years it will be so difficult to find house on the ground leaving it for the people to pay more for the villas.

So the checklist is ready and the conclusion is that buying a villa will be like a dream come true and but, of course with certain compromises.


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