Why Women Love Romance and Adult stories

The genre of romance is overwhelmingly populated by women writers and readers. Women love to read fantasy romance books, they love to visit websites that contain stories for adults to read online and also purchase fantasy novels for adults. We therefore analyse, what draws this gender close to this genre.
One big reason why women love fantasy romance books is because, in these books, the woman always wins. She gets what she wants at the end of the day so when they close the back cover of the book, it leaves them utterly satisfies. Although we are all worth of love, in real life, women don’t always get loved so sometimes they find succour in the internet with these online fantasy books for adults.
Another major reason is that women care too much about love. They want to be loved, they want to feel love, to experience it, to show love. Men also care about love but many women are obsessed with it. Since the men do not feel exactly like that and cannot exactly measure up to their love imaginations, women cover this gap by reading fantasy novels for adults and use the stories there to feed their love cravings.
Women are almost always romance starved. Women want romance, men want sex. Women want the things they read in online fantasy books for adults, men want the things they watch in porn. Since the men don’t always deliver what the women want, women improvise.
Also, because women can relate to the struggles of other women in these fantasy romance books, they are endeared to such stories. Take a story of a woman having to manage kids, manage her family, build a career and still get all the romance and once in a life time love. This picture of a woman who had it all to do and got everything she wants at the end gives women goose bumps
One other reason is because they are entertaining. This one is a no-brainer really. Many people (men) who would argue this point have never really read any fantasy novels for adults. They just assume it is not their thing. However, if they find the patience to read through one complete novel, they would realise exactly why women love these books.
Another reason is knowledge. Believe it or not, women learn a lot from these fantasy romance novels. They learn to be better lovers and better mothers, depending on the lessons the characters of these stories portray.


So as a man, if your significant other is engrossed with these sorts of books, no worries, no fights, and no harm done because at the end, the results are positive as reading these online fantasy novels for adults would only make her happier, and a better partner. Who wouldn’t want that?

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