Women’s, never Do These Things to Your Breasts!

The breasts are probably one of the most delicate parts of a female body. They are made up of fatty tissues and glands that produce milk. The elasticity of the skin covering the breasts is because of a protein called elastin. Thus, they should be treated and taken care of right as they are very sensitive and simply prone to damage.
Read on to know more about the routine that can cause harm to your breasts.

1. Wearing a Smaller Sized Bra.
Though many women trust that wearing a smaller sized bra (1 or 2 sizes smaller) enhances the figure of their breasts and makes them look sexy, the practice is not recommended at all. Experts say that wearing smaller sized bras can cause a lot of discomfort and damage the breast tissues.

Women’s, never Do These Things to Your Breasts!
2. Getting Nipples Piercings Done.
Nipple piercing can be dangerous as there are chances of infection. If the nipples get infected, the infection spreads very fast via the nipple ducts into the lymph nodes. This not only leads to the formation of pus (abscess) but can also create you really sick if the infection passes on to your bloodstream. Thus, it is better to avoid nipple piercings.

3. Getting Hair/Warts Removed From Your Breast.
Many women do not choose hair and warts around the nipple area, so they get them removed on a usual basis. However, it is not a good practice as frequent removal can result in thicker and more visible hair. Hair and warts removal can also cause severe inflammation.

4. Clutching or Pinching the Breast.
When people get intimate, they tend to pinch the nipples or handle the breasts harshly. If done on a usual basis, it can damage the breast tissues.

5. Jogging or Running Without Wearing a Bra.
Some women exercise, do yoga or go running without wearing a bra as they feel freer that way. But this can reason severe damage to the connecting tissues in the breasts and thus, you must avoid doing this. However, you can opt for a sports bra – it is much more relaxed than the usual bras.

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