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We are a family owned and managed the big business with a wide collection of flagpoles and flagpole lighting products that are located in mid of the Michigan. With the help of 25 years experience regarding both flag and flagpole involvement, we are proven to be flag and flagpole experts; that work every day of the week. Moreover, we comprise a 24*7 specialized workforce that is eligible in providing knowledge about the surrounding in which the flagpole may be installed, they are friendly & maintain a convenient customer service & support. One more thing is that we install the flagpoles as per your requirement regardless of space issue. The services provided by us help us in beating all of our competitors by pricing 5% lowest prices over the marketplace with an entire guarantee, irrespective of any sale. Also, we present free of charge and subsequent day shipping with appropriate Flag Pole Kit. Here are some of the benefits you get after shopping from Flagpoles Etc. For example without charge delivery and no supplementary cost, the ever best valuation in the overall market, fixed 5% inferior prices than the opposition, gratis speech marks with requirement sheets, assured goods even after the sale, specialist maintenance accessible full-time, factory straight acquisition from an ample series of producers. Our consumer support is first-class! Make use of our toll-free numbers to formulate investigation, or acquire proficient advice on the subject of flagpole putting in place, flags, adornments, illumination, etc. One can experience efficient online shopping at the site, with nearly all products delivered the very next day, that too free of charge. We propose you Residential Flagpoles, and eminence commodities at the best rate available in the industry. Buy our Factory Direct products & Save your money utmost.  We are very grateful to nationalistic Americans and institutions for their entire support, which helped us to move from garage to a 55,000sq ft. warehouse. At present, Flagpoles Etc. is one of the major flagpoles corporations in the country. We are obliged to have such amazing clients such as The People of Frankfort Kentucky, The Great Lakes National Cemetery, and The University of Indiana. Our existing capability permits us to supply large orders around hundred or more than that flagpole, as well as modify the requirements of the small company. We emphasize on personal everlasting relationships with our clients and understand the actuality behind the flags and flagpoles purpose for them.  Being functioning a family business, we worth these relationships with our clients. We have a stock including commodities from different producers that provides us an opportunity to cherish our customers with a wide assortment of flagpoles and lighting products.

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